Amogha Lakshmi Halepuram Sridhar: Atlantis is dead

Atlantis, swallowed up by the ocean
like a mother drawing her child
back into her womb.
A city of such immortals
could laugh with water in their lungs
Atlantis is dead.

Her wave-stirred colonnades,
water-carved caverns.
They have sunken
into something more sinister
than water.

Her people starved
with species after species
of fish going extinct.
They died as corals do,

white in fear.

They died again,
fins weighed down
by oil from spills,
with guts twisted into
plastic bags.

And again, this time
their blood boiled,
acids in their system
singing tidal dirges,
this time half-songs
choking on nuclear waste.

Beautiful Atlantis, city of stars
that drowned in the ocean.

Atlantis is dead.

And its bones wash up ashore,
like dying turtles.
Like whale fall.


Amogha Lakshmi Halepuram Sridhar is a writer from India. She wrote for the Times of India as a student correspondent and her poetry has appeared in This magazine, Thistle magazine and The Rising Phoenix Review. She is currently an art editor at The Missing Slate.

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