amberflora, n. plants preserved in fossil resin.

amberflora is an online magazine with a focus on eco / world poetry. we aim to publish quarterly.

amberflora seeks writing that pushes at borders: national / cultural / stylistic / species / etc. we welcome ecopoetry, activist poetry, materialisms, translations, poetry that explores connections to land, origins, cultures, the nonhuman, & anything in between.

we invite submissions from anywhere in the world & are particularly keen to read submissions from nonwhite writers, indigenous writers, LGBTI+ & two-spirit/2SQ writers, & disabled writers.

we are also looking to build up a reviews section of responses to/engagements with work from outside an Anglo-centric framework, &/or by nonwhite writers. please get in touch if you would be interested in reviewing or having your work reviewed.

find us on twitter @amberflorazine.