Agata Maslowska: Synthetic Lullaby

Synthetic Lullaby

Follows the Oulipo method of Belle Absente (Beautiful Outlaw)

The moon bloom imbued    into the blue
             metal islets in glow                    swallow     the blue whole
further away,           fly         closer to                              foam edges, the bluest        of molecules
   sound waves of         acrylic devices       receiving            over                    any blue

non-linear rivers     inside you playing    slow    blues
            oh hush     the star fish is growing           its lost indigo                limb
rayon flux of a sun              washed in     the cerulean air
               endless body             eased out of                the blue neoprene

   oh                          do not fear    silvery ripples in           the polyester                       sky of blue
synthetic creatures bear arms                  in sea stir, azure oceanic                 want
             hair      drifts, no shaming of                                the cobalt    flow
skin shed        into                                     the nylon echoes of       a cyan harbour

unmute                the rhythm of something            resistant, unfinishing            indigo
   vinyl no         longer binding                                         bones, silence of the           iris eye
ankles rotated into cloud         fibre petals, no             tension in                   the sapphire ground
          collapse into unbroken     sleep, the sea            folded in,         the bluest          of dreams

Agata Maslowska was born in Poland and lives in Scotland. Her poetry and fiction have appeared in Edinburgh Review, New Writing Scotland, Scottish PEN’s New Writing, and Gutter Magazine, among others. She is the recipient of the Hawthornden Writing Fellowship and the Gillian Purvis Award for New Writing. You can find her at @AgataMaslowska on Twitter.