Cat Woodward: fen


The fen as always, speaks.

now you see me. out dug rows to spook. line and up. the broad flat furrow. now you. black converging curve. sliced. twinkling. don’t.

pocket. hide and. remain alive. brimful of knot. carefully depositing. brown soundless future. soup enough to suffocate. gems repeating under.

not you. demolished. this long glottis of God. and be fleas in the mud. who? is kneeling. never or. what? gargantuan. bendful. me.

as above so. longest noughts quill. down and touch twin. cold pool of mirrors. with high warbler. widest wisped cheek. emptiness. below.

debridled. uncounted jewels the flowers. bow then dance. damsels black and blue. shapes of heat. with cool flung spark. call all who’s flesh and living.

peekaboo. hairs of my head. for swallow. water’s lurk crack flashing. will softest vanish. slough hunter. eat air. green your foot and gone.

had drained me dark. I’m walking. at low field. did blind scrape sky’s hand. shrink stars. invisible rattling. a dry skin of rage. haunt dragon. fly.

Cat Woodward’s first collection Sphinx was published by Salo Press in 2017, her second Blood. Flower. Joy! was published by Knives, Forks and Spoons Press in 2019. In 2018 she won the Ivan Juritz Prize for Creative Experiment. Cat’s current poetry project is a mytho-history of the city of Norwich. She studied for her PhD at The University of East Anglia, and she teaches creative writing.