Sam Weselowski: from Triple Rainforest

from Triple Rainforest

pressed up against
the kitchen window
to watch water
pound the planet
with sublunary rain
to your own
narrative arc
such as it was
dinky little
consumer durables
            if it tastes good
dollop another
scoop of Jurassic Coast
to the bone
fossilized in
the putty stones
all pre-post-industrial
crammed into rosy greys
in the country
side with one thousand
haul trucks
each carrying a payload
capacity of 300 tons
to build a railroad that
makes people go
into the capital
            the orchids
on the windowsill
in the bathroom
bloom all freckles
and forked tongues
ready for
            under the cover
of darkness they step
across buried dinosaur
trees with dinosaur leaves
and don’t forget
Yummy Dino Buddies
or the Celsius
conversion they need

Sam Weselowski is from Vancouver, Canada. His poems have appeared in Hotel, SPAM, datableedzine, Erotoplasty, and Canadian Literature. I LOVE MY JOB was published by If a Leaf Falls Press in 2019. Other Than North was published by Gong Farm in 2021. He resides in the UK.