Bonny Cassidy: Flag for entangled self (Proposals)

Flag for entangled self (Proposals)

winter wheat quilted
border black.

jack mauve
a neon foxtail.

new wheat
a cross stainless steel.

coins silver fringing
burgee rum.

garland pigface.

A4 letter, onion ink.
charge a bikelamp.

standard polished wattle.

standard mauve linen
finial bull’s horn steel.

air neon green
bendy galah.

lozenge hard moss
border pearlescent.

banderole late night river
shattered glass crossbar.

pennants fuchsia
at half-mast.

shield justice-pink
a canton mud.

hectare fat-stained
slogan threshed.

streamer pearl—storm.

ensign heart-shaped
spangles azure.

handsewn squall.

pink dimmed
rampant foxtail.

apron leather
tea-tree stump hoist.

vertical bicolour murrey and ice
tatting fly end.

wheft knotted
sinister a pelican.


Bonny Cassidy is the author of three poetry collections, most recently, Chatelaine (Giramondo, 2017). Her essays on Australian writing have been widely published nationally and internationally. She coedited the anthology, Contemporary Australian Feminist Poetry (Hunter, 2016) and is Reviews Editor for Cordite Poetry Review. Bonny leads the Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing) at RMIT University, Melbourne.

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