Sarah Cavar: This will be the death of us

This will be the death of us:

united under artifice, us,
a scared-city paved with bones
long-gnawed. we rest below
earth; coffinbound yet

with a final wheeze   us   wills
Them to live on inside our hatred.
we grow crops round our strangers
in Their coffins; deny
Them into rumor. we say

there is an eden when
They stink of stolen fruit left
in the mouth of the dump.
sling the tree till its young forget
the way property feels

we animals die before
Their plate of food. we choke
to spite their air; breath catching
earth a virus. horsemen protect
our rotting goods, snarl
this is   ours   to kill


Sarah Cavar is a full-time student of indeterminate gender. Their work can be found in or is forthcoming from Breath & Shadow, Polyester Zine, Three Drops Press, Sinister Wisdom, SCAB Magazine, and elsewhere. Find Sarah at

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