Rosie Roberts: artificial Cycas

artificial Cycas

screen, carpet, celestial, cielo
I recall:
Jarman, Nelson, Kline

craning to see leaf, when I imagine ‘luscious’ I see leaves overhead, backlit by gold and
stinking, a city of tiny ants shifting beneath my toes lifting

vertigo’s glance takes me between polyester shafts of grey teal where many bits of flittered
skin stick a city of huge workers shifting beneath my toes lifting

down a thousand stairs
along the street
to a small balding patch
where I can reach and pluck one blade
and lay it on my tongue imagining it a
wet Cycas frond


Rosie Roberts is an artist, writer and filmmaker from Glasgow. She is part of the inaugural Glasgow School of Art MLitt in Art Writing cohort lead by Laura Edbrook. Her research gestures towards moments of relief, companionship and self-stimulation, looking at this through a feminist lens.

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