Blythe Zarozinia Aimson: Lemon


citrus limon

lemons are hesperidic fruit rich in citric
and ascorbic acid
they depress the central nervous system

sliced       steeped in water
they prevent kidney stones       joint pain
promote hydration       good skin

the slices in my glass are
three days old and
by this point no longer bitter       or efficacious

lemons are antiscorbutic antibacterial dis-
infectant but       surely       bacteria must be
gathering in the waterlogged rind       the volatile oil

and no matter how hydrated i am
i’m not       vivid


Blythe Zarozinia Aimson is poet from the Peak District, currently based in Norwich after completing their MA in Creative Writing: Poetry at UEA. They miss hills. Their writing can be found in Smithereens and HVTN. They can be found on twitter @blythezarozinia.

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